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Is it me, or has it gotten better?

In Blog Pulse, Culture, Questions, Race Relations, Thoughts on March 2, 2009 at 11:16 am

The majority of information regarding immigrant families on the web and television usually has to do with legal status; deportation, etc. (just do a quick Google search on immigrant families). For me, most of this information has very little to do with my family while growing up or my nuclear family now.

I have always believed that real life experiences are less often written about than what the media has decided we want to hear about most. So, while there is constant talk about immigrants stealing American jobs, not learning English or getting deported, I’d like to hear more about those who are becoming successful without having to sacrifice their identities. Or, I’d like to read about parents who have figured out simple ways to keep their children connected to their country of origin, while also encouraging American patriotism.

Anyway, this also got me thinking about the overall perception of immigrants in the US. I think back to my teenage years and I feel that there has been a slight improvement on the way that I (or my heritage) am perceived. I recognize that there may be other factors to this change (i.e. lack of accent, living in a more diverse environment, etc.), but I am hopeful that people have progressed their perception of immigrants – I’m sure it helps that our president is the son of an immigrant ;-).

What do you think?

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  1. Hello there,

    I think that Americans have a ranking system for immigrants…people from CERTAIN countries are more welcome here than others…

    I do believe that black Americans should be much more vocal about pressing the enforcement of identifying illegal immigrants. I would like to see more black women campaigning for immigration raids within all-black neighborhoods so that the foreign blacks who are here illegally will be deported promptly.

    Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

  2. Hello, Deborah!
    i came to know your story through an English learning magazine by chance. and one of those articles talked about cultural heritage which started from telling your story.. i do think cultural heritage is kinda complicated questions to many imigrants parents as well as their children. u know, the culture is linked to the living place or environment. For our Chinese, they like to live together in the foreign countries and to some extent, it will help them and their next generation to learn and absorb their chinese culture. but most of times it doesn’t work. because the American culture is so different from chinese and it impacts the young generations directly and deeply.

  3. Welcome! Thank you for your insight on Chinese culture, Kunking. I believe that a lot of immigrant cultures try to stay together in foreign countries (a.k.a. enclaves), but you’re right in that it doesn’t prevent their children from rejecting their cultures and adopting that of the foreign country.

    That’s why I think we have to make a conscious effort to incorporate our culture of origin in everyting we do.

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